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We’re here to meet the challenge of your files and email archiving, email investigations, storage reduction, regulatory compliance and reporting. We enables true overall storage savings, unrivalled search speed and never-before-seen intelligence into the activities of the organization to help understand and improve your business. We provide you with a comprehensive reporting interface which gives you full visibility into the data on your network. This allows you to see where data is stored, who put it there, when it was last accessed, levels of duplication and much more. And finally our solution enables you to reduce, stub or move old data to cheaper storage. It is a file archival tool that will greatly reduce your backup window, while at all times having the ability to keep data seamlessly available to the end users.

Why should you choose for the DIGI Trust files and email management archiving solutions?


Data at your fingertips

International rules and regulations such as FATCA, UCITS, AIFM, FOI, GLBA, Basel III and the Data Protection Act all require organizations to store email in a tamperproof, accessible location. All of this data must be easily retrievable in order to comply with these regulations.

Meet email compliance regulations regarding data retention and retrievalMaintaining email for compliance regulations is a necessity that you may not be able to avoid. More and more organizations are learning that they have to maintain an easy to retrieve archive of email for the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), SOX Sarbanes-Oxley, FINRA, SEC, HIPAA, Basel III and other requirements. Courts have overwhelmingly opposed any attempt at manual archiving, which allows users to determine what should be saved.  An automated solution is the only cost effective way to meet email compliance regulations.

Meet legal or corporate requests for data in minutes 

our Email Achiving Manager Solution has an advanced search interface with an extremely fast response time. This enables you to quickly, easily and confidentially respond to legal discovery requests, Freedom of Information and post employment requests, internal investigations and auditor queries. You can save money by reducing the time that expensive in-house counsel, paralegals and IT staff spend searching for email. Additionally, you will have more accurate information and can stop frivolous claims or settlements because you can get to the truth quickly and inexpensively.

Store your email in a secure tamper proof archive                           Instead of trying to avoid compliance regulations, our Email Achiving Manager Solution will automate the collection of email for compliance. It’s safe, secure and easily searched. Users can delete messages but the archive is the record of all activity without question.

It will provide you the ability to do quick searches and produce any relevant messages that pertain to compliance regulations. With minimum effort, you can produce email in an easy to read format or export to a PST file for external access.

Email Retention                                                                                               Our Email Retention Manager solution is a flexible and powerful option for organizations that need more granular control over retention and destruction of email. It gives you the ability to create multiple retention categories and assign departments or specific users to different periods.

One of the greatest assets of an email archive is the control over the retention of messages in the archive so that you have protection from accidental or wilful deletion and records are readily available to meet all regulatory requirements. 

Cost savings-  Save money as well as time 


To reduce data management costs. DIGI TRUST can provide you with a number of ways to do this. Bearing in mind that our software solution is modular in nature, our clients only need the parts that they really require.


Here are some of the ways we can help reduce your data management costs, and some issues that you need to think about:


ü     Reducing your total cost of ownership of data (TCO)

ü     Reducing your email and file data by up to 85%

ü     Reducing backup times by up to 90%

ü     Implementing Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) allows IT to move old data from expensive to cheap storage during the lifespan of your current email and file hardware

ü     Can your organization afford to lose a legal case in relation to an FOI, post employment or HR request for data?

ü     Have you considered the cost of essential IT staff spending needless time on back ups, individual mail searches, generating reports?

ü     Can your business afford to lose sensitive data such as contracts, intellectual property or other sensitive data?

ü     Reduce the time and effort it takes to locate and retrieve and email or file

ü     Help consolidate your on site hardware

ü     Reduce your e-Discovery costs


Extract maximum ROI from your current email and file hardware.

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