Digital Trusted data rooms

Using a Virtual Data Room is the safest way to share confidential information inside the Company and also with third-parties. 

Compared to alternative techniques, such as paper-based communications, DVD or USB keys, physical datarooms, electronic datarooms provide unique benefits. See why below. 

Why should you choose for the DIGI Trust Virtual data room?


Top quality and proximity with our customers

First quality client service is DIGI Trust top priority. Our support team is not based on overseas offshore call centers. We are close to you. Proximity is key success for a perfect customer satisfaction. Our experts in business transactions are focused on delivering the best support available while setting up data rooms and ongoing support.

Trust and security without concession

A safe and secure work environment is essential. DIGI Trust uses processes and technologies that guarantee that no traces of your documents are left on users desktops. ISO 27001 certification, and hosting based at the heart of Europe prevent any intrusion from US authorities (Patriot Act)

User friendly, qwick and easy to deploy

The dataroom process should be quick and flawless. DIGI Trust was designed in this main assigment direction. Files can always be added in just a click and a few seconds, and our data room is so easy to use that end-users don’t have to be trained. Reporting is at administrator’s fingertips.

The best value for the best money proposition

We believe that virtual datarooms should be encouraged as a practice. As bandwidth and storage become cheaper over time, DIGI Trust provides a service affordable and at least 20% cheaper than its direct competitors.

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