The digital Leading Boards - Gouvernance digitale des Conseils d'Aministration

We ensure a successful transition to a paperless and digital trusted Board of Directors

Do not use or share confidential board information by email if you want it to remain confidential. Use the unique DIGI Trust Leading Boards solution with high security standards such as ISO 27001 certified hosting and data encryption.

Why should you choose for the DIGI Trust Leading Boards?


Data security – Confidentiality and Protection

Data security with a digital Leading Boards solution is the absolute priority. The information must be encrypted and stored on servers certified by international security standards such as ISO 27001 and located in a country not subject to the US Patriot Act. A strict password policy and daily security scans help ensure data privacy.


Unlimited access

Mobile access everywhere at all times to stay up to date with the boards' news.


Simple and user-friendly

In a easy and permanent way, the platform makes available all materials and tools necessary for directors to perform due diligence and make informed decisions. Touch pad tablets, combining mobility and simplicity, provide an intuitive navigation and great features such as handwritten notes, underlining or highlighting options and sticky notes to prepare efficiently for meetings.


Optimized Process

The organization of meetings, from the notice, to the creation and distribution of the agenda and supporting documentation as well as the redaction of the minutes is optimized within the portal leading to time, effort and cost savings. All documents can be processed by an electronic management system eliminating the risk of loss or theft of a paper page. Users can view and annotate documents wherever and whenever they wish. Other collaborative tools are also available such as debates or surveys.


And a lot of other reasons : 


Social Responsibility
By removing paper and reducing the number of trips, the portal enables organizations to achieve a higher level of social responsibility and to participate in common objectives for a sustainable development. 


Our Leading Boards solution is available in French and English. A multilingual platform is part of our development strategy and reflects our vision of better governance worldwide.


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